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Game Guide - Kabaddi


Your Squad

Earning Points


Kabaddi Fantasy is a game where you are the manager of a star-studded Kabaddi team that is raring to steam roll the opposition.

We give you 1 million in (unfortunately) virtual currency, using which you create a virtual squad of real Kabaddi players, who’ll then earn you virtual points in real matches, thereby giving you virtual fame and real prizes.

There are a bunch of “events” for you to participate in, and we’ll unlock new ones nearly every day. An event could be a single match or involve multiple matches on one day.

Each event has a few “Circles” and a “Free Zone” (which is the free game). Every colorful circle has its own entry fee and set of cool prizes to be won.

You can play as many events as you want; in fact, in most cases you’ll be able to enter multiple squads within an event.

Each event comes with its own set of great prizes, so the more you play, the more you win. So, go on and play every event.

Right. So, you have 1 million in virtual currency and you need to create your star-studded squad from the roster of players.

Each player comes at a price, ranging from 100K to 200K. You need to pick 7 players while staying within your budget of 1 million.

Each player has also been assigned a specific skill: Raider, Defender, and All-Rounder.

A successful Kabaddi squad is one which packs a fierce attack with a solid defense. Yours will be no different. Therefore, you need to pick 7 players with:

At least 2 Raiders.
At least 2 Defenders.
At least 1 All-Rounder.

And one last thing. We appreciate the fact that you may be a die-hard fan of a particular team, But, as manager/owner/supremo, you really have to give some chance to players of other teams. So, your squad cannot contain more than 4 players from a single team.

Once you have created your squad, it’s time to pick your “Power Star”. Fantasy Points (FPs) earned by your Power Star will be doubled.

Your squad has to be saved before “lock-in”. Lock-in times are mentioned for each event, and are the scheduled start time of the first (or only) match in the event.

You can edit your saved squad(s) any number of times, until the Event is locked. But do remember, in case of a tie, the squad that was finalized earlier wins, so it’s better to fix your squad (including the Power Star) as soon as possible, and wait for your players to earn points for you.

The Event has started, the match is on. And you, dear Kabaddi Fantasy player, are not only enjoying the game, but also racking up Fantasy Points (FPs).

Players in your squads earn FPs based on their performance in the actual Kabaddi matches that are part of the Event.

Here’s the points system along with related terminology:

Attack FPs

For every raid point (Touch or Bonus): 10 FPs

On reaching 5 raid points: 15 FPs
On reaching 10 raid points or more: A total of 30 FPs

(Successful raids x 3 – Total number of raids) FPs. This number is doubled, if positive.
-1 FP for an unsuccessful raid.

Touch Point: Touch points are awarded when a raider touches one or more opponents during the raid and returns to his court safely. Some of the common techniques of scoring touch points are Hand Touch, Toe Touch, Kick, Reverse Kick and escaping a tackle.

Bonus Point: With 6 or more defenders on court, if a Raider crosses the bonus line with his trailing foot in the air, bonus point is awarded.

Successful Raid: A raid in which a Raider is successful in scoring points for his team.

Unsuccessful Raid: A raid in which a Raider is caught or put out by the opponent Defenders.

Defense FPs

For every tackle point: 25 FPs.

On reaching 3 tackle points: 15 FPs
On reaching 6 tackle points or more: A total of 30 FPs

For every Super Tackle: An additional 5 FPs.

Tackle Point: Tackle points are awarded to a Defender who is successful in keeping down a Raider or prevents a Raider from crossing center line. Some of the common techniques of scoring tackle points are Ankle Hold, Trunk Hold, Thigh Hold, Dash and Block.

Super Tackle: A tackle in which three Defenders or less are successful in keeping down a Raider.

Bonus FPs

4 FPs for all players of a team which inflicted the All-Out.
5 FPs for each player who played and was part of the winning team.

All-Out: All-Out is a scenario in which a team manages to put entire opponent team out.

If, for any reason, a match is abandoned midway with no result, no player gets points for that match.

Each event has a bunch of great prizes, so the more you play, the more you win.

When all the matches in an event are completed, we add up all the points your squad has earned. If your squad has the most points, (drum-roll) you are the winner.

If you don’t have the most points, (sarangi music) the squad with the most points is the winner.

And yes, for the record, the squad with the 2nd highest number of points comes 2nd. And so on.

In case of ties, the team that was finalized earlier wins.

All those who have won prizes will receive an email (on their registered email id) with details on further course of action.


Q: Who can play games on Fandromeda?

A: Our daily games are open to all, so fun and fame are universal. But to play paid games or to win prizes you need to be an Indian resident (except from Assam, Odisha or Telangana) and over 18 years of age.

Q: How many events can I play?

A: As many as you want to. There is no cap on the number of events you can play.

Q: Can I create more than 1 squad in an event/circle?

A: Most probably, yes. The number of squads you can create will be mentioned in the circle.

Q: Do I have to use up my entire 1 million budget?

A: No. But any money saved can’t be used anywhere else. In kabaddi fantasy, or er… in real life.

Q: If I don’t use up my 1 million budget, is the unused amount added to the next game?

A: Nope. As we said, you really can’t use it anywhere else.

Q: Do I have to necessarily pick a Power Star?

A: It’s not mandatory. But, why say no to double points?

Q: What happens when the start of the first (or only match) in an event is delayed?

A: The lock-in of the Event will still take place at the scheduled start of the first (or only) match. So, yes, sometimes, you may have to make a judgment call on the playing 7s.

Q: Do my Raiders earn defense FPs and vice versa?

A: Yes. The role of a player is only during squad selection. Any player can earn any type of FPs.

Q: How many events can I play?

A: As many as you want to. There is no cap on the number of events you can play.

Q: Do bonus FPs of my Power Star also get doubled?

A: Yes. Your Power Star's points will be doubled across the board.

Q: Can a player end up with negative FPs?

A: Yes. It is unlikely, but it can happen.

Q: What if my Power Star gets negative FPs? Does it get doubled?

A: Sadly, yes. But as we said, it is unlikely.

Q: What happens if a match is abandoned?

A: Abandoned matches do not count. Even if a match is abandoned midway, no player will earn FPs and there will be no team bonus.

Q: What is the period of play that is considered for scoring FPs?

A: The period of play considered for scoring shall be a minimum of 40 minutes which takes into account two halves of game, 20 minutes each. Extra time play added due to tie will not be considered for scoring.

Q: Can anyone win a prize?

A: Anyone who is an Indian resident above 18 years of age is eligible to win prizes. If it turns out that one of the winners is not eligible for a prize, the prize is forfeited.

Q: Can I win more than one prize?

A: Yes. In fact, you can win multiple prizes in a single event, if you have entered more than one squad.

Q: If I have multiple squads in one event, do all my points add up?

A: Haha, nice try. No. Each squad you enter is considered as a separate entry.

Q: Can I claim my prize any time?

A: We’ll give you ample time, but at some point, we’ll have to (reluctantly) cancel your prize.

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