This Indian T20 season,
enjoy Fantasy cricket, any way you want it.

From TenTenTen, the creators of the original "Official" Fantasy League.
daily games

Daily Games

Simple, quick and fun

  • Choose any match.
  • Create your Fantasy squad from
    among the players in that match.
  • Earn points when your players
    score runs, take wickets, etc.
  • Win.

Championship Mode

Your season long obsession

Pick an initial squad. Make substitutions through the tournament.

Two Exciting Formats

Pay Per Sub
Rs. 20,000 to be won. Plan your way to the top
Over ₹30,000 to be won. Play for the big bucks.
free games

Free Games

Because glory is priceless

  • Every fantasy squad you create is automatically
    entered into the Free Zone.
  • You can win Game Money
    plus make your way
    into the leaderboard.
  • Exciting contests
    for die-hard fans
    like Weekly Topper
    and Fan of the Year.

Play for Cash

Use your skills to make a killing

  • Pools:
    Enter your Fantasy squad(s) in any of our public pools.
    Entry fees start as low as Rs. 10. And win cash.
  • As more entries come in, the prize pool keeps going up.
    So does the number of winners.
  • Head to head:
    Issue an open challenge or invite your friends.
    Your squad vs Your opponent's squad.
    One winner takes it all.
Fan Gangs

Play with friends

Because pals who play together stay together

  • Join any of our 200+ Fan Gangs. Or go ahead and create one.
    Play fantasy sports with your friends, colleagues, classmates,
    neighbours, family and just about anybody.
  • You decide the games.
    You decide the prizes.
    We provide the platform.
    With great features like
    leaderboards and chat.

Take on the world

Because every Fan can become a star.

  • There are over 100,000 passionate fans on Fandromeda.
    So, whether it is Daily Games or Championship Mode,
    you'll be pitting your wits aganist the best of the best.
Your Story

Startup Battle

Where ambition and energy gets
fame and glory.

  • Create a gang for your startup
    and enter the Rumble.
    The top startups get featured
    on YourStory.
  • YourStory

Corporate Leagues

Fun in the workplace.

  • Want to add bonding and fun to your workplace?
    Try fantasy sports.
  • Write to us at
    and we'll create a special Official Gang for you.
    With verified entries, custom events,
    and even special department
    and branch leaderboards.

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