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Game Guide - Cricket T20


Your Squad

Earning Points

Fan Gangs


Fantasy Cricket is a game in which you get all the pleasure of being the manager of the cricket team without the risk of getting your house stoned.

We give you 1 million in (unfortunately) virtual currency, using which you create a virtual squad of real cricketers, who’ll then earn you virtual points in real matches, thereby giving you virtual fame and real prizes.

There are a bunch of daily games for you to participate in, and we’ll unlock new ones nearly every day. A daily game could be a single match or involve multiple matches on one day.

Each daily game comes with its own contests and a “Free Zone” (which is the free game). Every contest has its own entry fee and tons of cool prizes.

You can enter as many daily games as you want; in fact, in most cases you’ll be able to enter multiple squads within a daily game.

Right. So, you have 1 million in virtual currency and you need to create your star-studded squad from the roster of players.

Each player comes at a price, ranging from 60K to 110K. You need to pick 11 players while staying within your budget of 1 million.

By the way, these player prices have been calculated based on a variety of factors like the points usually earned per match, recent form, experience, etc.

Each player has also been assigned a skill – Batsman, Bowler, All-Rounder or Wicket-Keeper.

A successful cricket squad is one which has great batting depth and plenty of bowling options. Yours will be no different. Therefore, you need to pick 11 players with:

At least 3 Batsmen.
At least 3 Bowlers.
At least 1 All-Rounder &
At least 1 Wicket Keeper

And one last thing. We appreciate the fact that you may be a die-hard fan of a particular team, But, as manager/owner/supremo, you really have to give some chance to players of other teams. So, your 11 cannot contain more than 6 players from a single team.

Once you have created your squad, it’s time to pick your Stars – A “Batting Star” whose batting points will be doubled, and a “Bowling Star” whose (you got it) bowling points will be doubled. You are free to pick a single player as both “Batting Star” and “Bowling Star”. Of course this may make the other 10 players in your squad a bit unhappy, but hey, you’re the boss.

Your squad has to be saved before “lock-in”. Lock-in times are mentioned for each game we put out and may vary based on the type of the daily game.

You can edit your saved squad(s) any number of times, until the Event is locked. But do remember, in case of a tie, the squad that was finalized earlier wins, so it’s better to fix your squad (including the batting & bowling stars) as soon as possible, and wait for your players to earn points for you.

The match is on. And you, dear Fantasy player, are not only enjoying the cricket, but also racking up points. Players in your squads earn points based on their performance in the actual cricket matches that are part of the daily game.

Here’s the points system for T20s:

Batting Points (doubled for your Batting Star)

Base: 1 point per run.
Pace: Runs scored - Balls faced.

On Completion of A Total of
25 runs 5 points
50 runs 15 points
75 runs 30 points
100 runs 50 points

Impact: 1 point per sixer. -5 for getting out for a duck.

Bowling Points (doubled for your Bowling Star)

Base: 20 points per wicket.
Pace: (Balls bowled x 1.5) - Runs conceded. If positive, this number is doubled.

On Taking A Total of
2 wickets 5 points
3 wickets 15 points
4 wickets 30 points
5 wickets 50 points

Impact: 25 points for a maiden over.

Fielding Points

10 points for every catch.
10 points for every stumping.
10 points for every fielder involved in a run out.

Bonus Points

25 points for being declared the official Player of the Match.
5 points for each player in the playing XI of the winning team.

Example: A batsman who scores 55 runs of 38 balls with 2 sixers will earn:

Base: 55.
Pace: (55-38) = 17.
Milestone: 15 (for 50 runs).
Impact: 2 points (for 2 sixers).

His total batting points will therefore be
55 + 17 + 15 + 2 = 89 points.

Example: A bowler with figures of 3.2 overs with 1 maiden, 18 runs and 3 wickets will earn:

Base: 90.
Pace: ((20 balls x 1.5) – 18) x 2 = 24.
Milestone: 15 (for 3 wickets).
Impact: 25 for the maiden.

His total bowling points will therefore be
60 + 24 + 15 + 25 = 124 points.

If a match is abandoned midway with no result, no player gets points for that match. If a match is curtailed, but still produces a result, points are awarded to the players based on their actual scores.

Also, we only award points to the playing XI of the team. Substitutes don’t earn points for the catches they take, stumpings they make and run-outs they effect.

The best way to play Daily Games with a bunch of your friends is to create or join a Fan Gang. A Fan Gang is a place where you can play Fantasy games through the year, with your buddies.

So how do you go about it?

First, create a Gang, give it a cool name, a motto and an emblem. Done? Congrats! You are now a Gang Leader (beware of the police!).

Second, open all contests available to you as a Gang Leader, in a format (paid or free) of your choice.

Third, invite your friends to your Gang by sharing the Gang URL with them. Nudge them periodically to join contests and use the Gang Announcement feature to tell the world why they should join your Gang.

That’s it. Simple, no?

When a daily game is complete, we add up all the points your squad has earned. If your squad has the most points, (drum-roll) you are the winner.

If you don’t have the most points, (sarangi music) the squad with the most points is the winner.

And yes, for the record, the squad with the 2nd highest number of points comes 2nd. And so on.

In case of ties, the team that was finalized earlier wins.

All those who have won prizes will receive an email (on their registered email id) with details on how to claim them.


Q: Who can play games on Fandromeda?

A: Our daily games are open to all, so fun and fame are universal. But to play paid games or to win prizes you need to be an Indian resident (except from Assam, Odisha or Telangana) and over 18 years of age.

Q: How many events can I play?

A: As many as you want to. There is no cap on the number of events you can play.

Q: Can I create more than 1 squad in a game?

A: Most probably, yes. Most contests allow you to enter multiple squads, some don’t.

Q: Do I have to use up my entire 1 million budget?

A: No. But any money saved can’t be used anywhere else. In fantasy cricket, or er… in real life.

Q: If I don’t use up my 1 million budget, is the unused amount added to the next game?

A: Nope. As we said, you really can’t use it anywhere else.

Q: Do I have to necessarily pick Batting and Bowling Stars?

A: It’s not mandatory. However, why say no to double points?

Q: Can my squad have a Batting Star but no Bowling Star?

A: It is perfectly ok. But you may lose out on points earned by the bowlers in your squad.

Q: Can I pick the same player as my Batting and Bowling Star?

A: Yes. You can. The player earns you double points for both his batting and bowling.

Q: What happens when the start of the first (or only match) in a Daily Game is delayed?

A: We lock squads for a daily game at the mentioned lock-in time, irrespective of whether a match or all matches, part of that game, are delayed. So, yes, sometimes, you may have to make a judgment call on the playing 11s.

Q: Do my bowlers earn batting points and vice versa?

A: Yes. The role of a player is only during squad selection. Any player can earn any type of points.

Q: How many daily games can I play?

A: As many as you want to. There is no cap on the number of daily games you can play.

Q: Do fielding and bonus points of my Batting/Bowling Star also get doubled?

A: No. Only batting/bowling points of your Batting/Bowling Star are doubled.

Q: Can a player end up with negative points?

A: Yes. It is unlikely, but it can happen.

Q: What if my Batting/Bowling Star gets negative points? Does it get doubled?

A: Sadly, yes. But as we said, it is unlikely.

Q: What happens if a match is abandoned?

A: Abandoned matches do not count. Even if a match is abandoned midway, no player will earn points and there will be no team bonus.

Q: What if my player scores a century, and the match is then abandoned?

A: Our sympathies.

Q: If a substitute player takes a catch or effects a run-out, does he earn points?

A: No. Only players in the playing XI in a match earn points.

Q: Do the player performances in a Super Over count?

A: Unfortunately, they don’t. But the players in the team which wins the Super Over will get the Victory bonus.

Q: How many Gangs can I create or join?

A: As many as you want. Learn more about Gangs here.

Q: How many contests can I create within my Gang?

A: You can create one contest for every daily game available on the site.

Q: What happens when I join a contest?

A: You'll become a part of the contest. Your final rank in the contest will be visible only after the score update of the daily game.

Q: How many Gang contests can I join?

A: You can join as many open contests in the Gang as you want.

Q: Can anyone win a prize?

A: Anyone who is an Indian resident above 18 years of age is eligible to win prizes. If it turns out that one of the winners is not eligible for a prize, the prize is forfeited.

Q: Can I win more than one prize?

A: Yes. In fact, you can win multiple prizes in a single event, if you have entered more than one squad.

Q: If I have multiple squads in one game, do all my points add up?

A: Haha, nice try. No. Each squad you enter is considered as a separate entry.

Q: Can I claim my prize any time?

A: We’ll give you ample time, but at some point, we’ll have to (reluctantly) cancel your prize.

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