About Us

Hello Dear User, How are you?

Hi About Us page. So, tell me more about this website.

Sure. We are a site with vision. Our noble goal is to help fans engage with their sport. We love fans. We switch on fans. Our life revolves around fans. The very air we breathe is circulated by fans. We put fans on a pedestal… 

Ok, ok. Stop going round and round. Got it. You love fans. But, in that case, why have you named yourself Andromeda? 

Er… it’s Fandromeda. Come on! We spent days designing the cool F that looks like a star. Get it? Fandromeda is the galaxy where every fan is a star. Sigh. We were so proud of the name. It has such deep meaning. Let us deconstruct the name. The ‘fan’ in Fandromeda stands for the um… fan. Followed by ‘drome’, which refers to a place where you follow sport. And the ‘da’? Well, many of us were born in Chennai. We end everything with a ‘da’.

Wow. That was a gust of hot air. From what, as far as I can make out, is yet another Fantasy cricket game?

No no. There’s going to be lot more. We’ll soon a have a paid Fantasy game, once we get rules & regulations figured out. What’s a fan without a regulator, eh? #SelfLOL. We plan to introduce more games, more sports. Scintillating content. Fascinating contests. Many many things. But yes, for now, we have fantasy cricket. But believe us, it’s the best fantasy you can be in, without er… turning on private browsing. 

Really? What’s so great about your fantasy cricket? 

It’s incredibly well thought-out, ok. Every little detail has been obsessively designed. For instance, to design the points system, we analyzed over 3,000 games. We drew frequency tables of occurrences of runs & wickets, so that we could determine equivalence. To arrive at player pricing we went through 60,000 individual performances so that we could statistically arrive at an expected points-per-match. If fantasy is about numbers, you can count on us. 

Right. So you are bunch of geeks who create things for other geeks? 

Well, we admit we are geeks. They do say that the geek shall inherit the earth, and all that. But we are also pretty creative & innovative. We really understand the fantasy cricket player because we play a lot ourselves. We have pioneered stuff that many people take for granted now, like variable roles for players, stealth mode and so on. Our games pack a lot of fun. There’ll be cool emblems, badges, brags, the works. In fact, at one time we were considering calling ourselves Funtasy, but as you have no doubt figured out, we don’t indulge in cheap puns. 

Okay, I admit it. You seem to have thought this through. No wonder you took so much time to launch, that you must be the 857th fantasy cricket game in the market. 

Hey, this is not our first game. We have spent the last 3 years creating huge fantasy cricket games for others. You could say we have been experimenting on other people’s money. (In case, you’re a former client, that was a joke, promise). We created and ran the incredibly successful official IPL Fantasy League. As well as the Official League for World Cup 2015. So we have tons of experience doing this. If anyone knows Fantasy cricket, it is TenTenTen. 

TenTenTen? Did your keyboard just get jammed? 

Hehe, very funny. That’s our company’s name. Do you know why we are called TenTenTen? Well, if you have read ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’, you would know that 42 is the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything. And guess what the binary form of 42 is? Yes, 101010. So, TenTenTen

Right. So you are bunch of geeks who create things for other geeks? 

Hey no. We told you earlier. We are pretty creative and innovative. We have created lots of cool stuff for big brands like Pepsi, MakeMyTrip, Pedigree and many many more. We even created Tweeplay for Star Sports, where you can tweet to get a cricket video clip on demand. Our whole goal was to create digital assets for brands, and hopefully, physical assets for ourselves. 

Oh, what did you do for Pepsi? 

Would love to tell you more, but this is the Fandromeda site. To know more about our distinguished past, and details of how to contact us if you are looking for a job, or want to write about us, or (in a hopeful tone) give us money, check out our website – tententen.in. 

Okay, I’ll do that, but…

Boss. Enough. How long do you want to hang around in the About Us section? Go play the game, no?